OBIMAN - "The Dunes"

Obiman are back with a new release, their first since appearing on the seminal Cafe Del Mar album with “On The Rocks”. And what a return it is.


Their new track entitled, “The Dunes”, is a return to form. The release contains two mixes,”The Original Classic Treatment” and the “Sonic Seduction”.  Both mixes come with the added bonus of vocals by Lene Lovich and operatic and violin Virtuosa Kirsten Morrison.



INDIRECT INPUT - "May Drowse Causiness"

Never creeping but always sideways. 'Might Drowse Causiness' is the debut release from Indirect Input.


Accidentally constructed for the pleasurableness of ambient senses, this track will take you where you least know, or maybe somewhere totally unknown…


Download now on Beatport or on all other digital download and streaming services... Enjoy!



OBIMAN -  "On The Rocks"

The first time this track was released in 1994 it appeared on the seminal "Cafe Del Mar" album which was compiled by Jose Padilla for React Records.


The album has been re released several times since then by various labels and still going strong. We have released this track as a single for the first time as Obiman is now back recording new material after many years of being asked the question, "When will it happen"?  Well, that time is now!





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